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Large corporate jets, including all Citations, Challengers, Falcons, Hawkers and Gulfstreams routinely use the airport.

The airport is served by three GPS and VOR approaches that provide the best (lowest) approach minimums between San Antonio and Laredo, and the airport is slated to receive GPS LPV approaches (250' AGL minimums) on September 18th. The straight-in approaches to each runway are especially nice.

Airport Security is excellent. Security includes six security lights and a video surveillance system, plus the runway and ramp are enclosed by a tall, deer-proof (resistant) fence that provides good security as well as a safe aircraft operations area. The airport manager also lives on the airport, overlooking the ramp, providing an added measure of security.

The Cotulla-La Salle County Airport (KCOT) is well suited for a wide range of operations due to its location and capabilities, and there is ample acreage and infrastructure on the airport to accommodate large-scale airport operations.

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Quality line service is our priority.

After hours service :

After hours service is readily available, and the manager lives on the airport.


Two Jet-A refuelers are available, Avgas 100LL is at the fuel island.

A & P-IA Mechanic on staff.

Coffee and Ice: Fresh coffee and ice are available in the office.

Lounge: Comfortable, clean and well-equipped passenger and crew waiting area includes weather and internet access, satellite TV/DVD, drinks and snacks.



On-site auto rental through the FBO is provided. Reservations are recommended, especially during hunting season in the fall and winter.

Ramp:The recently enlarged ramp is large enough to easily accommodate several large aircraft, and Page Aviation has tugs and towbars to safely move many jet and turboprop aircraft models.

Hangar Storage: A hangar capable of handling turboprops and smaller jets is available at reasonable cost. Also, a new 150'x150' hangar capable of accommodating large aircraft (Gulfstream G-550s) is planned for late 2013.

Vehicle Storage: Enclosed long- or short-term parking for vehicles is available inside the hangar, and free outdoor parking is available inside the airport fence.

Vehicle Maintenance, Washing and Cleaning services are available.

Aircraft Lavatory Service is available.

28 volt Aircraft Ground Power Unit available.